Combat booty SHARK NAGABA 3H black vegan

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Ultra-light SHARK NAGABA 3H black vegan boots combine the best of traditional boots with modern technologies, thanks to which the footwear is not only stylish but also comfortable and very light.

The footwear has been designed and manufactured in Poland, maintaining the highest quality standards. The durable vegan leather-like material used in the boots of SHARK NAGABA 3H contributes to their quality. They are created in the privacy of laboratories of specialized European companies. Thanks to the modern technologies applied, we obtain top-class products for people who care about the environment.

The leather-like material is hygroscopic, demonstrating proper permeability and hygiene. It is also durable, withstands multiple bending, and is aesthetically pleasing, not differing visually from traditional counterparts.

What sets SHARK women's and men's boots apart from the competition? Firstly, the sole made of light EVA material, known for its shock-absorbing properties, makes wearing the footwear a true pleasure. Secondly, toes made from specialist material are used here, which provide comfort and durability without the additional weight. Moreover, we offer the possibility of applying various forms of insulation that enhance the functionality of the product.

If you have always appreciated the classic but feel the need for a bit of lightness and comfort, SHARK 3H black vegan boots are for you. They are also perfect boots for those who, for various reasons – from comfort and health to personal style – have not yet opted for traditional, heavier models. Now everyone can experience the unique style and quality associated with the NAGABA brand in a slightly lighter but equally effective form. Regardless of your priorities, ultra-light SHARK 3H vegan boots are a versatile and fashionable alternative that you will surely like.

The proposed 3-hole, black SHARK 3H vegan boots also stand out for their attractive design and rich color palette, making them easy to match with your style. Whether you choose them as men's or women's boots, they will certainly be a key element of your outfit.

The green microfiber lining inside the boots provides additional comfort. All of this makes the SHARK 3H black vegan boots an excellent choice for various occasions - from concerts and walks to everyday elegance.

We encourage you to support Polish production and choose SHARK 3H boots by NAGABA. Discover the variety of models and colors in our offer and find those that perfectly fit your needs.

Thanks to the modern technologies used, we obtain top-class products for people who care about the environment.

Before placing an order, please check the length of the insole.

  • Color: Black
  • Insulation: green microfibre
  • Size: 35-48
  • Shoe type: boots, ankle boots
  • Gender: women, men, youth, unisex
  • Leather type: vegan
  • Preferred shoelace length (cm): 80

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