New arrivals

The autumn-winter season is fast approaching, and you still don't have the appropriate footwear in your closet that would ensure high wearing comfort even in difficult conditions? Then you are in the right place. We offer a wide range of shoes for the autumn/winter period, which is constantly expanded with new designs that take into account current trends and changing customer needs. You will find shoes made of durable leather materials with us, available in a wide range of colors and sizes with varying shaft heights, meticulously crafted down to the smallest details.

New Arrivals for the Autumn/Winter Season Made from High-Quality Materials

As a footwear manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the industry, we know how important the high quality of materials used during the production of various styles is. For this reason, you will find primarily shoes made from the highest quality components sourced both from Polish and foreign manufacturers. We particularly like to use natural-origin leather—full-grain and nubuck, which not only ensures an impeccable appearance. Its application also translates into high wearing comfort, as the shoes made from it adapt to the shape of the foot, minimizing the risk of unpleasant chafing and ensuring proper air circulation. However, it is important to remember to properly protect autumn-winter shoes with appropriate care products, especially impregnating agents, to maintain the original appearance of the footwear even during intensive use.

Customize the Type of Insulation to Your Individual Needs

To provide comfort and especially warmth to your feet on cold days, in our online store you have the option to customize the type of insulation to your individual needs and preferences. Depending on the footwear you choose, its interior can be insulated with:

• Beige or black felt, which is made from synthetic fibers, but despite this, has excellent properties such as elasticity, high water vapor and air permeability, as well as moisture absorption. Black felt works great as insulation for the autumn period,

• Checkered fabric, which is a cotton knit with a characteristic pattern creating a grid with white stripes and red lines. The insulation is soft, absorbs moisture, which translates into high wearing comfort. Just like black and beige felt, you can confidently use it to insulate footwear purchased for the autumn season,

• White or black shearling, which is a soft-to-touch synthetic fabric that, due to its short, twisted fibers, resembles sheep's curls. With its help, you will provide your feet with plenty of warmth even during the most demanding winter period.

Get Ready for Snowy Fun with Nagaba

During winter physical activity, three things must be taken care of. The first is warmth, the second is high comfort, and the third is safety. With winter escapade enthusiasts and long walkers in mind, we are constantly expanding our existing range with new trekking footwear styles, which perform excellently during mountain trips and peak climbing. The footwear offered by us is made of the highest quality natural leather both outside and inside, sourced from the best Polish tanneries, which distinguishes it in terms of aesthetics and—what's more—excellent air permeability. Additionally, to take care of the aforementioned safety, we make every effort to ensure that the sole distinguishing them provides good grip on the terrain while reducing the risk of painful marks. We also pay attention to the high durability of the sole so that our footwear, designed with hiking trips in mind, serves you for more than just one season.

Footwear for the Fall-Winter Season That Should Be in Your Wardrobe

The weather during the fall-winter period likes to surprise us, so it's worth being prepared for various conditions, starting from rays of sun piercing through clouds to sub-zero temperatures, snow, and ubiquitous slush. This is mainly possible by investing in footwear that will provide you with the most important things during this time, such as the aforementioned comfort, warmth, safety, and impeccable appearance. In our current offering, which we regularly expand by introducing new products, you will find footwear made from excellent materials, with a lightweight sole providing good traction, and featuring a low or high upper. Depending on your fashion preferences and needs, you can choose a style that will serve you when you go to work, school, university, or a casual meeting with friends, or footwear dedicated for physical activity. On a daily basis, you can easily opt for shoes with a low upper; however, remember that, unlike those with a high one, they will not protect your feet as well against rain and snow and will not provide the same level of ankle stability.

Fall-Winter Footwear for Women, Men, and Youth

While preparing various footwear styles, we strive at every step to combine comfort and functionality with a striking, precisely stylish design that will help our customers create unique outfits for various occasions, as well as for no occasion at all. The diversity of our footwear range arises not only from the wealth of ideas that form in our heads. We are happy to meet the expectations of different customer groups: women, men, and youth. In our online store, you will find footwear for the fall-winter period that will allow you to take care of your colorful appearance even on gray days. We also offer unisex versions, making it much easier for you to find shoes that meet all your requirements.