Men's trekking shoes

Are you looking for footwear that will provide you with comfort and safety while conquering mountain trails? If so, you've come to the right place! At Nagaba, we offer men's trekking shoes made from the highest quality components, sourced from respected Polish and foreign manufacturers. But that's not all! The men's trekking shoes we present are available in many sizes, up to 48, and what's more, they vary in colors, height of the upper, and type of insulation. Thanks to this, even the most demanding customer will find footwear that fully meets his expectations. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the entire assortment - it's definitely worth it!

Men's trekking shoes - basic equipment of a hiking enthusiast's wardrobe

Every hiking and mountain touring enthusiast should have a pair of men's trekking shoes in their wardrobe. Why? The answer is simple! Properly fitted footwear not only ensures comfortable walking, but above all, safety. It's easy to get injured on trails, which can prevent you from reaching the next point on the map. Men's trekking shoes, due to the use of thick, non-slip soles, ensure proper foot grip, especially on uneven terrain, and thus minimize the risk of injury due to slipping or improper foot placement. Moreover, unlike traditional sports shoes, men's trekking shoes are usually made of natural leather, which provides high wearing comfort.

Leather men's trekking shoes in the Nagaba range

As we mentioned, men's trekking shoes available on store shelves are usually characterized by a natural leather upper. The same goes for the footwear available in our online store. Due to our many years of experience in the footwear market and understanding the needs of our customers, we use the highest quality natural leather (Cordoba, Crazy, Rustic type leather, and Campari, Samuel type nubuck) in shoe production, which perfectly adapts to the shape of the foot, while providing adequate air ventilation. Shoes made of it, with proper care, will serve for more than one season. In our range, you will find shoes that will work both in warm, spring days, and in autumn. We offer men's trekking shoes with lining in the form of mouton (a soft synthetic, fur fabric with a short, twisted pile imitating sheep's curls), black or beige felt, and checkered high-quality cotton fabric, which drapes well and most importantly, absorbs moisture.

Men's trekking shoes and proper foot stabilization

Wanting to provide our customers with the best, during the production process we pay special attention not only to the quality of the components used, but also the height of the upper. Mountain trails are unpredictable, as is the weather during the hike, so men's trekking shoes should provide your feet with proper stability. Here, tourist trekking shoes will do well. Ankle-high footwear provides excellent stabilization and protects the ankle joint from potential injuries. If you like to spend time on more demanding trails, such models as 112, 401, 402 and 403 made of Crazy type leather should meet your requirements. Available in many original color variations, they will work in various conditions. Similarly to model 456, which, thanks to its lined interior, will keep your feet warm during the autumn-winter period. For those who prefer easier trails and walking, we offer men's trekking shoes with a low upper, such as models 400 and 455, which, thanks to the loose tongue, provide high user comfort or the relatively new model 444 (Crazy type leather) with an innovative sole and a thickened tread, positively influencing the sole's durability.

Which men's trekking shoes to choose?

Are you looking for footwear that will prove itself not only during active leisure time, but also in the city or an informal meeting with loved ones? So far, men's trekking shoes have been an integral element of a mountain expedition enthusiast, but the time has come to change that. At Nagaba, you will find footwear that will look equally interesting in casual outfits. A perfect example of this is the modern model 408 made of natural leather (Crazy type), whose sole has been enriched with a red accent. Available in several colors - both classic black and unusual light green - it can be worn in the summer and autumn period. You can't ignore model 055 HOCZ either, which is considered an improved version of our "bestseller". Equipped with an innovative sole with raised edges and a thickened tread, it provides proper stabilization of the heel part. It also has increased sole durability. What's more, our men's trekking shoes fit perfectly to the foot due to lacing. You can pair them not only with timeless jeans and your favorite T-shirt, but also with sporty shorts.

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