Ladies' half-shoes

In every woman's wardrobe, there should be at least one pair of ladies' half-shoes. They are worth having, as they are shoes for every occasion and they never go out of fashion. Among our ladies' half-shoes, there are many different models, differing significantly in design and color. Thanks to this, even the most demanding customers will find one that will be able to fit into her individual taste. Each of them has been designed in such a way to fit into current trends.

We offer a wide range of women's shoes - half shoes, both lace-up and velcro. Many of them are available in various colors, and a wide selection of cuts will allow you to find the perfect footwear for any occasion. Thanks to the fact that we offer women's half-shoes in sizes between 36 and 41, it is easy to find matching shoes with us. We also recommend women's trekking models, perfect for walking or longer trips.

Women's shoes - half shoes for every day, for important ceremonies and hiking

Finding women's half shoes that will fully meet your expectations is not an easy challenge. Of course, there is absolutely nothing strange about this, as new shoe proposals appear on the footwear market. At Nagaba, we pay special attention not only to the visual side, but also to the workmanship, which is why the women's shoes we offer, in this case half shoes, will work perfectly both during hiking and on a daily basis, for work, school, and even important ceremonies. A perfect example of this is model 010 or model 015 made of high quality natural leather (suede or Rustic type face) available in many color variants. They look like the sneakers that have recently become fashionable, they are extremely light, and therefore, they are comfortable to wear and will look great in the company of jeans or a light dress. The assortment also includes women's half shoes created for hiking. For active women who like to look great, we propose colorful women's shoes - half shoes, such as model 241, 121 made of natural leather. Made of excellent materials, extremely durable, with proper care they will serve for more than one season!


Women's shoes, i.e. half shoes made of high quality natural leather

Footwear is a long-term investment, so it is so important that it is made of excellent materials and subjected to regular care. At Nagaba, we produce women's shoes - half shoes, ankle boots, sandals and boots from components from respected, Polish and foreign companies. However, their biggest advantage is that, regardless of which women's half-shoes you choose, they will stand out with extraordinary durability and aesthetics of workmanship. Why? During production, we use the highest quality natural leather or a special synthetic material that perfectly imitates nubuck or face for a group of customers - Ladies, Gentlemen and young people who do not accept products from animal materials. In addition, to increase the comfort of wearing women's half-shoes, we opted for the best shoe lasts, which allow to optimize the width and shape of the toe, as well as for a high-quality insole, the length of which it is worth checking before placing the order directly.