Types of leather and their characteristics

Cowhide is a very durable material that performs well in tough conditions. It's ideal for large, heavy boots, but also for sneakers or plimsolls. This type of product is made from the leather of an adult cow and has a rougher appearance compared to calf leather due to its thicker nature. It tends to be very stiff, but becomes more flexible when warmed up by the user.


Crazy - meaty, thick full-grain leather. The grain finish is oiled (using wax or fat). Very durable leather, thus often used for trekking, trapper, and massive boots. The leather has characteristic dark, greasy stains, in some places stretching to the base color and in others remaining dark. The leather often has scratches, scuffs, and discolorations that make it unique.

Rustic - noble leather with a smooth grain finish. A characteristic pea pattern is visible, which may fade as a result of processing. The leather is flexible, meaty, and compact. Excellent for producing casual footwear, plimsolls, ankle boots, or cavalry boots. Colors are uniform across the leather surface and may darken slightly during thermal processing. Footwear made from this leather is easy to keep clean. Colors may darken when greased.

Barka - a variety of crazy leather. Meaty, thick leather. The grain finish is greased (using wax or fat). Additionally, the surface is embossed with a delicate pea pattern. Most often used for trekking footwear. Visible dark spots and discolorations.

Bosman - - thick full-grain leather, smooth, not very flexible, hard. Without a pattern. Uniform colors. They do not change during thermal processing. Often used for producing heavy boots, combat boots. To increase flexibility of individual parts, they should be regularly maintained by greasing.

Kabir - full-grain leather, smooth, not very flexible, hard. Similar in structure to Bosman type leather. Two-toned. Under the black top layer is the base color. The proper effect is achieved by mechanically abrading the black layer. Footwear made of Kabir leather changes color to a more intense shade during use.

Velours - rough natural leather. In most classifications, suede is considered a variety of suede, with characteristic, dense, and thick fibers. This material owes its hairy texture to appropriate processing. It is made from the bottom part of the leather (so-called split), which is sanded. This produces the characteristic fuzz, which – in the case of all rough leathers – shows a darker trace when a finger is run over it. Colors are uniform. Particularly intense colors may dye. To prevent this, footwear should be regularly impregnated with color-fixing agents.

Velours is a delicate and soft-touch material. Its surface is matte and absorbs moisture well, darkening upon contact with it. Therefore, regular impregnation with waterproofing agents is recommended.

Samuel - or nubuck belongs to the so-called rough leathers. It is produced by processing the inner side of the leather – unlike full-grain leather, where the outer surface is worked. This results in a characteristic fuzz. But it is shorter than suede, making it softer to the touch. Noble and delicate leather. Requires careful maintenance. Footwear made of Samuel type leather has a matte finish and rich colors.

Cloud - full-grain leather, smooth. In appearance, it resembles Rustic type leather with a small pea effect. Additionally, it has an effect of darkening the color in the same tone in the form of a delicate cloud. Footwear made from this leather is easy to keep clean. Colors may darken when greased.

Parma - full-grain leather, smooth. Without a pattern. Delicately shaded within the same tone. Soft and flexible. Thanks to its properties, it is ideal for sneakers.

Follonica - delicate full-grain leather. With a checkered embossing. The grain is slightly varnished, shiny. Footwear made from this leather has an elegant look.

Campari - nubuck leather, slightly stiffened. With a fine pea pattern. Uniform colors, do not change during processing. Very versatile leather, used for almost all types of footwear.

Blue - full-grain leather, with a delicate matte finish. Soft, meaty, very flexible. At the same time very durable. Perfect for boots, cavalry boots. Footwear made from this leather has an elegant look.

Elephant -  suede leather with typical rough leather features. The grain is additionally beautified with a pattern reminiscent of elephant skin. Preserved during technological processing. The leather is delicate, although it looks massive due to its structure.