Shoe accessories

When we decide to buy footwear, we assume it is an investment for several seasons. For this reason, we often reach for shoes made from high-quality components, often forgetting that regular and - what's more - proper care has a significant impact on their immaculate appearance and the extension of the material's properties. As a manufacturer with years of experience in the industry, we offer not only solid and durable shoes but also shoe accessories of our own production. Among them, you will find impregnations, cleaning foams, deodorants, greases, cream pastes, leather renovators, as well as suede and nubuck brushes or laces in many colors of various lengths. We warmly invite you to get acquainted with the offer we have prepared!

Footwear accessories that extend the lifespan of materials

Have you got a new pair of shoes in your wardrobe and you want to take care of them right away? We can confidently say that it is possible. All you need to do is order the right shoe accessories from our online store. If you have patent leather footwear, in order to maintain its impeccable look and maintain resistance to dirt, reach for an impregnation agent, such as a covering cream paste available in deep black, which gives a shine while covering up any scratches. A good choice will also be a cleaning and care foam. However, to protect the shoes from the effects of moisture, choose a leather grease with a protective action.

In the assortment, you will also find accessories for shoes made of natural nubuck and suede leather. A renovator (colourless or black) will help you refresh the colour of the footwear. A waterproof impregnation agent, on the other hand, will provide protection against moisture and dirt. Remember that care will be faster and easier when you use a specialized brush or cleaner.

You will also find more information about the proper care of footwear in the article: "How to clean and care for leather shoes - guide" available on our blog!

Shoelaces, the shoe accessories that will personalize your shoes

Shoelaces are an important element of footwear. They allow for the proper fitting of shoes to the foot, but they can also completely change even the simplest outfit if they stand out against other elements. At Nagaba we offer shoelaces in many colours, different lengths, flat, round, and even made of cotton or synthetic materials. You will find shoe accessories in both classic colours e.g. black, as well as more extravagant shades, i.e. red, burgundy, navy or beige. If you decide on shoe accessories in less conventional colours, it is worth making them match the colour scheme of the shoes. If you prefer contrasting combinations and you have black or navy shoes, choose red or beige shoelaces. Similarly - if you have footwear made of light natural leather, consider shoelaces in a classic colour scheme e.g. black or navy. However, regardless of which shoelaces from our offer you decide on, they will match with boots, Derby boots, and sports shoes.

Other shoe accessories

We should take care of the shoes not only from the outside, but also from the inside. For this reason, the range could not miss shoe accessories that will facilitate the care of their interior. One of our proposals is a shoe deodorant from the Spanish company PALC enclosed in an efficient package, which ensures the right level of hygiene inside the shoes, thus positively affecting the comfort of use. The product not only enables quick and effective refreshing of the shoes, but also disinfects them and prevents the formation of unpleasant odours. This is a great proposal for lovers of physical activity who sweat a lot during workouts, as well as for those people who simply want to take care of their feet.