Women's combat boots

We value them for their comfort. For their solidity. For their amazing look. Laced, high women's combat boots, black and with metal applications, are the dream of many of us. And no wonder: these are shoes for years, which can be matched to many stylizations, and which will work both in the city and in the field or at a concert.

Zippered and laced: women's combat boots for jeans and for a dress

With such shoes, you can create almost any styling: both feminine and urban, and predatory or warlike. To make it easier for you to choose, we have prepared many variants. So you will find both single- and two-color models, decorated with applications and smooth, both long and short. You can reach for white or yellow shoes with black laces, for elegant and slim models with a zipper, which speeds up putting on and taking off, as well as variants with oiled or patent leather. Take whatever you like!

Women's combat boots - the most fashionable footwear this season!

Not so long ago, both women's and men's combat boots were an integral part of the styling of metal music fans. Heavy, massive, adapted to the shape of the foot, they worked perfectly at concerts. Currently, combat boots for women have become an indispensable must-have. Why? The answer is simple! The footwear market offers shoes in a really wide range of colors, zippered, laced, and even with unique prints. With the help of women's combat boots, women following constantly changing trends can quickly complement their styling and evoke the WOW effect. No matter which women's combat boots from Nagaba's assortment you choose - low combat boots, ankle-length or mid-calf, also taking into account the color of the shoes - black, red, or even emerald, they will become your favorite part of your wardrobe.

What kind of combat boots for women can you find in Nagaba's assortment?

In the rich assortment of Nagaba, not only universal half-shoes, comfortable, solid trekking shoes, or perfect for hot days sandals are available. We also offer increasingly popular among customers - Ladies, Gentlemen and Youth - combat boots. Keeping in mind that combat boots for women are a long-term investment, we offer shoes made of the highest quality natural leather (Crazy, Bosman, Kabir type leather) or vegan materials (Vegan line). In addition, if you are a supporter of products made of non-animal materials, but at the same time you do not want to give up additional conveniences, such as a sole made of real, Polish rubber distinguished by decorative screws and a metal brand logo, that's perfect. At Nagaba, we are happy to meet the expectations of every customer group, so the women's combat boots we offer - both leather and from the Vegan line - not only have the mentioned type of sole, but also steel toes (eng. steel toe), which invariably are considered the most popular hallmark of this type of footwear.