Are you looking for durable and aesthetically made shoes, but the model you have chosen is no longer available? Regardless of whether you're looking for footwear for the autumn-winter or spring-summer season? Our outlet is a perfect solution for customers who are looking for high-quality shoes at a reduced price. We offer women's shoes, men's shoes, and youth shoes in a wide range of colours and sizes. In this way, every customer will find a style in our outlet that will become a part of their wardrobe in the coming seasons.

Why should Nagaba footwear find a place in your wardrobe?

Our Nagaba brand has been operating in the footwear market for several decades. Since the beginning of the company's existence, we have paid great attention to the quality of the designs and the products we subsequently manufacture. All footwear styles available in our online store are made from top-quality components sourced from the best Polish and foreign manufacturers. In order to ensure maximum comfort and impeccable appearance, we most often use natural leather in our designs, which is known for its excellent fit to the shape of the foot and breathability. However, to maintain its excellent parameters, we encourage the use of dedicated care products that will ensure the footwear will serve you for many years despite intensive use.

What footwear does our outlet offer?

Due to fruitful cooperation with our suppliers and the use of innovative machines, our online store offers various footwear styles, ranging from loafers, through shoes, to sandals, and even boots or trekking shoes. Like the current offer, the outlet assortment is constantly replenished with more footwear items. Among them, you will find sale shoes, previously displayed in the store, used as prototypes, and the last styles from our collections. There is also footwear with minor flaws that occurred during production, but still fully valuable and available at a good, reduced price. The shoes offered by our company outlet stand out for their excellent quality and aesthetic finish. Like the rest of the range, they are equally durable and resistant to adverse external factors, and compared to the footwear from the current offer, they are much more affordable. We encourage you to constantly monitor the products in the Outlet category - this way you can buy real gems at very attractive prices!

Nagaba Outlet and Vegan line footwear

In addition to traditional footwear styles made from the highest quality natural leather, our outlet also offers shoes from the Vegan line. Designed and produced with people in mind who want to contribute to reducing the consumption of animal-based products, they are characterized by equally high aesthetics and durability. At the production stage, we used vegan materials, i.e., synthetic or plant-based (Vegan nubuck, Vegan grain, Vegan upper), with properties equivalent to those provided by strictly leather materials. All shoes from the Vegan line, also those available in our outlet, will perfectly complement everyday outfits. They allow the feet to breathe freely and are characterized by lightness and resistance to the action of various external factors. The interior of the shoes is filled with 100% green microfiber marked with the OEKO-TEX certificate, which contributes to increased comfort of use and promotes evaporation, so your feet will always be dry.

Find stylish footwear for every season at Nagaba's company outlet!

The weather can be unpredictable, as can fashion trends, so it's worth having various footwear styles in your wardrobe that, depending on the weather conditions and the dress code you follow, will allow you to perfectly complement the assembled outfit. Our company outlet is a real wealth of footwear made from high-quality components with attention to even small, seemingly insignificant details. You will find footwear in many color versions and a wide range of sizes, differing not only in style, but above all in the height of the upper, the type of natural leather it was made from, and the type of sole. What's more, our outlet, despite the wide variety of assortment, offers footwear for women, men, youth, as well as unisex.

We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the outlet offer we have prepared. Today you have the opportunity to order comfortable and, most importantly, durable footwear.