Men's Half-shoes

Among the available men's half-shoes, you can find a wide range of diverse models fitting any style, perfect for any occasion. Moreover, our fashionable footwear is available in a wide range of colors and many sizes, so you can find a pair that fully meets your individual expectations. We offer men's shoes, including half-shoes that are perfect for a dressy outfit as well as those that are suitable for school or work or for meetings with friends.

We warmly invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer, in our permanent assortment we have a wide selection of fashionable men's half-shoes made of leather or suede, produced in Poland. All of them are designed based on the latest trends. In addition, they are characterized by very high durability and longevity, which means they can serve for many years.


Men's Half-shoes - Which ones to choose?

Shoes are an essential part of the wardrobe, which should guarantee undeniable comfort both on a daily basis, at work, and during important celebrations, long trips, or hikes. If you are carefully looking for men's shoes that will meet your expectations, you could not have done better. The half-shoes available in the wide range of our online store combine high-quality workmanship with impeccable presence. A perfect example of this are men's half-shoes, whose upper has been made of natural leather (suede, nubuck, grain) available in several color variants. What's more, if given proper care, they will serve for more than one season, brilliantly complementing both casual and slightly more formal outfits. Of course, one should not forget about men's shoes, in this case, half-shoes made of synthetic material, imitating nubuck or grain. Intended for people who do not accept animal-derived materials, they are also perfectly in line with current fashion trends.


Men's Shoes - Half-shoes for special tasks

Are you looking for trekking shoes or men's half-shoes for so-called special tasks? Are you familiar with hiking? Should men's footwear stand out with high durability parameters? Half-shoes from Nagaba made of the highest quality natural leather (grain, nubuck) impress not only with modern design but also with a high degree of functionality, great air permeability, and optimal fit to the foot. The models we have prepared - 055, 408, 457, 455 - are shoes for special tasks, which will work brilliantly both in the autumn period and in spring or summer, guaranteeing full comfort during long, walking hikes. In addition, men's half-shoes are available in many color variants and sizes, so every demanding man, hungry for long journeys, will find shoes that meet his expectations here.