Men's Vegan Shoes

Are you leading an eco-friendly lifestyle? Do you choose products daily that do not contain animal-derived substances in their composition? If so, this is great! As a manufacturer with many years of experience in the footwear industry, we are aware that there is a lack of high-quality men's vegan shoes on the store shelves.

Therefore, to meet the expectations of our customers, we have included men's eco-friendly shoes completely made of vegan materials in the rich assortment of Nagaba. They are available in many styles - we offer sandals, low shoes, boots, and even army boots, in a wide range of sizes (from 36, to even 48) and many colors. They are perfect for work, school, during a meeting with friends, a date, a concert, or a long journey. We warmly invite you to familiarize yourself with the current offer!

Vegan Friendly Men's Shoes and Nagaba Assortment

At Nagaba, we attach great importance to the quality of the footwear we present. Our goal is to create shoes that combine current trends with aesthetic execution. For this reason, during the production process of Vegan Friendly men's shoes, we use not only plant-based materials and leather-like materials (Vegan nubuck, Vegan grain, Vegan lico) from respected, European companies, but also glues and other essential raw materials that do not contain any animal-derived substances. Thanks to this, the men's ecological shoes we present are characterized by excellent parameters. Above all, the shoes are very light, delicate to the touch and - what's more - durable. With properly maintained care, their resistance to various chemical substances will increase, and you will be able to enjoy flawless appearance for many years.

Vegan Men's Shoes as a complement to smart casual outfits

Smart casual outfits are becoming increasingly popular among men and there is absolutely nothing strange about it. They are considered the perfect compromise between elegance and casual style. But how to make the outfit both trendy and comfortable? The answer is the Vegan men's shoes prepared by Nagaba, specifically model 422, which we offer in two colors - delicate beige and deep navy. Available in sizes from 41 to 48, distinguished by an upper made of vegan materials, with an additional warming layer, it will work well during cool days in the company of chinos, jeans, as well as a perfectly tailored suit. Similar to model 423 in elegant black or beige made of Nubuck Vegan material marked with the OEKO-TEX certificate. It is characterized by a delicate fuzz. You can wear these Vegan Friendly men's shoes, among others, going to work, school, social or business meeting, especially as they contain a lining in the form of green microfiber.

Timeless ecological men's shoes in your wardrobe

The Nagaba assortment could not miss timeless vegan men's shoes, such as sandals, shoes modeled on trendy sneakers and boots, which until recently were associated exclusively with fans of metal music. Sandals, specifically model 265, are the perfect solution for hot, summer days. Available in a timeless, navy shade, they will provide your feet with a sense of freedom and high comfort during long walks. Ecological men's shoes type sneakers, such as model 438, will certainly attract the attention of fans of sports stylizations. Made of Nubuck Vegan material with a lining of green microfiber and a soft, flexible sole, they will work regardless of whether you have a day at the university or a non-binding social meeting. However, this season customers are also keen to reach for boots. At Nagaba, we offer vegan men's shoes that differ in the height of the upper and the type of sole. One of our revolutionary solutions is the use of soles made from recycling in models 3M and 8M as part of the solution to the problem of overproduction of plastic.