Are ecological and animal-friendly views close to your heart? Do you pay special attention not only to the composition of food or cosmetics, but also to the type of materials from which clothing and shoes were produced? As a shoe manufacturer with many years of experience in the market, we are happy to meet the expectations of our customers, while keeping in mind the current trends in the world of fashion.

For this reason, we have included eco-shoes - sandals, loafers, boots, and shoes made from vegan materials in the wide range of Nagaba. In addition, our vegan shoes are available in a wide range of sizes and colors, with the possibility of adjusting the insulation to individual preferences, so that every customer will find shoes that suit his taste in our store. We warmly invite you to get acquainted with our range!

Vegan Shoes That Complement Smart Casual Styles

Smart casual styles are very comfortable, hence it's no surprise they're considered an ideal compromise between stately elegance and everyday style. More and more small and large companies opt for this approach, so it's crucial to have footwear in your wardrobe made from the highest quality materials, which can appropriately complement a shirt and suit pants. In the broad range of our online store, we've included two proposals that are hard to pass by. For fans of traditional footwear that fits into an elegant dress code, we propose vegan shoes 079, available in various color variants, for example, graphite, navy, and beige. The footwear is made from Vegan nubuck and additionally filled with green microfiber that exhibits hydrophilic, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial properties. The aesthetic craftsmanship is distinguished by subtle stitching that highlights the shape of the upper. On the other hand, men who are reluctant to give up traditional dress shoes will like vegan shoes 423, which due to the shape of the upper and a simple yet impressive sole, will also look interesting with less formal styles, ensuring maximum comfort due to the lining of 100% microfiber.

Vegan Shoes - Break the Elegance with a Touch of Casual Look

If you are not bound by a strictly defined dress code at work, or you simply like to break established conventions, several footwear items from our offer should pique your interest. Vegan shoes 440 are a relative novelty that we've created for men who appreciate a flawless appearance, yet like to maintain a touch of individualism. Available in the shade of classic black, subtle graphite, and original khaki, they will nicely complement jeans during casual meetings as well as perfectly tailored suit pants, emphasizing your original approach to contemporary fashion. Due to the design of the upper that at first glance resembles traditional dress shoes, shoes 440 have been complemented with a PU sole. A PU (polyurethane) sole is designed for any type of footwear, being extremely light and flexible.

Another proposal of ours, which will ensure long walks no longer associate with rubbed feet, are vegan shoes 243. We offer the footwear in several color variants – both in yellow and classic black, so you can match not only the size but also the color to your individual preferences. By doing so, we ensure that regardless of the style you match them with, it will gain a unique character and most importantly, provide you with comfort throughout the day.

Youth Footwear Made from the Highest Quality Materials

Awareness about caring for the environment is growing, hence the clothing and footwear market sees new items of wardrobe that are crafted not only with current trends in mind but also the future of our planet. Meeting the expectations of our customers and vegans who are happy to give up styles made from animal-derived materials, we propose comfortable vegan shoes that can be confidently worn with dresses, skirts, shorts or classic jeans. In our current offer, you'll find shoes 125, available in an exceptional graphite-beige color, which eerily resemble the so-called ugly shoes that are hugely popular among the younger generation. An additional advantage is the original sole, which has been made from recycled materials. Distinguished by a fashionable, brown color, it ensures maximum comfort even during long walks.

Fashionable and Ethical Shoes in Your Wardrobe

Fashion governs its own laws. Despite changing trends, each of you chooses clothes and shoes that catch your eye, fit into your taste and – what's more – will not only blend into the majority of styles, but more and more often also into your individual beliefs. Bearing this in mind and observing the contemporary footwear market, we create ethical shoes. How so? Well, already at the design stage we know that they will be created in accordance with vegan ideas, and during production, we will refrain from all animal-derived materials. However, to maintain execution aesthetics and ensure maximum comfort, we use leather-like material, created in collaboration with specialized European companies that utilize innovative technologies. Without it, vegan shoes would not only be stylish, but also comfortable, flexible, and durable. Regardless of which vegan shoes you choose, they will help you create unique styles with care for the future of our planet.

Vegan Shoes for Women, Men, and Youth

At Nagaba, we value high quality, aesthetics, attention to even seemingly minor details, and diversity. Hence in the wide range of our online store, you will find vegan shoes for women, vegan shoes for men, and youth that will prove useful not only in everyday situations but also during physical activity, long journeys, and even significant ceremonies. Our ethical shoes will vary in size availability and color variants depending on the style. However, despite this, they share many features. The upper material used in their production has all Vegan Textiles certificates and the German OEKO-TEX certificate, which is proof that all our vegan shoes are ecological footwear and free from substances harmful to health. Moreover, they impress with their original and practical microfiber lining, which we've already mentioned several times. Distinguished by its characteristic green color, it was created using a CO2-free production system, which will certainly be appreciated not only by vegans and proponents of conscious environmental protection.