Trekking boots

Physical activity is not unfamiliar to you? Are you planning a trip to the mountains to conquer another peak? Do you enjoy long walks in nature on uneven and sometimes steep terrain? Thinking about lovers of active pastime, we made sure that in our assortment there are solid trekking shoes. We offer footwear in many different styles, both low and high trekking shoes, enriched with additional warming, distinguished by depth of colors and providing high level of comfort. In our online store, you will find trekking shoes for women, men and youth, who, in addition to the comfort of wearing, appreciate a fashionable look.

What materials do we use to make trekking shoes?

What contributes to the solidity and durability of footwear? Contrary to appearances, the answer is simply. High-quality footwear should not only be distinguished by strict construction refinement at the design stage. The materials used during sewing also play a key role. Our company, operating in the footwear market for several decades, relies exclusively on the best quality components imported from Polish and foreign manufacturers. Usually it is leather of natural origin (nubuck type Campari, Samuel, lico type Barka, Crazy, Rustic), which makes the trekking shoes presented by us have a flawless appearance, fit the anatomical shape of the foot and have good water vapor and air permeability. The unique properties of the materials we use mean that even during a many-hour hike, our trekking shoes will not cause unpleasant consequences of corns and chafes. However, in order to maintain its great appearance, it is worth taking care of regular maintenance, using appropriate preparations, which you will also find in the assortment of our online store.


Trekking shoes providing an adequate level of warmth

The weather likes to surprise us, especially when we are going on a trip. It is worth taking care of your comfort and safety in advance. If physical activity on colder days is not frightening to you, our proposal may interest you. Our company, responding to the expectations of customers, allows individual adjustment of the type of shoe interior warming. Depending on which trekking shoes you choose, they can be warmed with:

  • natural leather lining, coming from the best Polish tanneries, responsible for removing excess moisture from the inside of the shoe,
  • beige or black felt, made of synthetic fibers, characterized by natural elasticity, high water vapor and air permeability and moisture absorption. This type of insulation is perfect for the autumn and early spring,
  • white or dark sheepskin, i.e. a soft-touch synthetic knit with a characteristic short, twisted hair, imitating sheep curls, giving a lot of warmth. The material is perfect for the capricious Polish winter weather,
  • plaid, or high-quality cotton knit in gray-black plaid with white stripes and red lines, which is very soft and pleasant to the touch. The insulation fits perfectly and absorbs moisture, providing increased wearing comfort. It will work perfectly in autumn and spring.


Which hiking boots to choose — high or low?

Are you looking for trekking shoes that will provide you with maximum safety? This is great, as in the wide range of our online store you will find various models of trekking shoes with low or high uppers. If you are definitely more afraid of unpredictable conditions during a hike than of fatigue caused by a long march, we recommend trekking shoes with a high upper (above the ankle) such as models 240, 401, 402, 403, which will provide your feet with proper stabilization and protect them from possible injuries or the ingress of mud, snow, and rain into the shoe interior. Of course, you can also opt for trekking shoes with a low upper, such as model 054, or the improved model 055, which are made of natural leather type Barka or Crazy. Available in a wide range of colors, on a light sole that provides excellent grip to the ground, they are significantly lighter than classic sports footwear.

A wide selection of trekking shoes in terms of colors and styles

Our company, happy to create both practical and stylish footwear, offers women's and men's trekking shoes that pass the test not only during active leisure time but also during city walks. You will find hiking shoes that differ not only in the height of the upper but also in the type of sole, the material from which they were made, the color scheme in which they are kept, and the size. Due to the really wide selection, every customer is able to find trekking shoes that will fit his individual fashion tastes, while providing him with wearing comfort and a flawless appearance even when climbing the peak. Regardless of which model of trekking shoes designed by us you decide on, you can confidently match it with a sports set, trekking pants, and even casual outfits ideal for a city walk.


Get to know our bestsellers perfect for hiking

Are you just starting your adventure with mountain hiking? Are you looking for trekking shoes that will successfully help you conquer the first peaks and accompany you on subsequent adventures? With such customers as you in mind, our company has decided to highlight bestsellers, which, as the name suggests, are very popular in our online store. First of all, pay attention to model 054 and 055, which were made of natural leather (also inside). Moreover, trekking shoes 055 are a new improved shoe, which due to the presence of elastic foam in the lining perfectly absorbs shocks and cushions the impact of the foot on the ground. In addition, changes also took place in the construction of the sole, which now provides better stability, and thus, safety. Other proposals are models 241, 400, and 455. Available in many original colors, made of natural leather will work in the spring-summer period and in the autumn. However, if you prefer trekking shoes with a high upper, model 240 should catch your eye. Available in 20 color versions, with the possibility of adjusting the type of insulation, it perfectly removes moisture accumulating inside, reducing the feeling of tired feet.


Exceptionally Functional Trekking Shoes

When purchasing high-quality footwear, we usually want it to be exceptionally functional. This concept might mean something different to everyone, and we are not surprised. However, in this case, when we say we offer multifunctional trekking shoes, we mean that they will work well both for moving around the city and for hiking on uneven terrain. In the spring-summer period and early autumn, trekking shoes such as model 408 and a relative novelty in our store - model 0521 available in 6 color versions - will provide comfort. This footwear combines modernity, style, and sporty dressing style, which will go well with most of the casual elements from your wardrobe. On the other hand, late in the autumn and during the winter, tourist shoes such as model 281 made of Rustic type natural grain leather available in 5 colors and with the possibility of matching the type of insulation (to choose from: natural leather, black felt, sheepskin) will perform their task perfectly.


Trekking Shoes Combining Sporty Look with Current Trends

Due to the fact that the trekking shoes offered by us can also serve as a complement to casual outfits, we have also designed shoe models that delight not only with the level of comfort but above all with their modern design. Just look at model 052 available in 4 colors made of nubuck natural leather, which will fulfill its function perfectly in the fall and spring. The presented trekking shoes are distinguished by a characteristic, three-color sole, which gives them their final character. The same is true for model 062 with a high upper, which is a relative novelty in our online store. The footwear has been insulated with felt, making it great for cold days. For those looking for trekking shoes that can serve as an exceptionally comfortable alternative to traditional footwear, we have included models 070 and 121 made of natural grain leather in the offer. They are characterized by excellent durability and longevity, and you can pair them with most classic clothes, even when a less restrictive corporate dress code applies to you.


Trekking Shoes from Nagaba - an Indispensable Element of the Wardrobe for Lovers of Active Time Spending

Are you wondering why trekking shoes designed by our company should be in your wardrobe? First of all, the trekking shoes we offer are a long-term investment that will provide your feet with maximum comfort and safety, regardless of the prevailing outdoor conditions. In addition, all our trekking shoes have been made with attention to even the smallest details from high-quality materials, which, with regular care, will look great even after several seasons of intensive use. In our range, you will also find trekking shoes that can boldly be described as unisex, so you will easily find footwear to meet your needs.

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