Women's trekking shoes

Are you familiar with physical activity? Do you like spending your free time on long hikes in the heart of nature? If so, your wardrobe should not lack footwear that will provide you with comfort, and above all, safety while conquering mountain trails. In Nagaba's rich assortment, you will find women's trekking shoes made of the highest quality components, originating from Polish and foreign manufacturers. The women's trekking shoes we offer are available in many sizes and colors, starting from classic black, through red, to unique emerald. This way, everyone can easily match the footwear not only to their individual preferences, but also to their favorite sports styles. We warmly invite you to familiarize yourself with the available assortment!

Women's trekking shoes made of highest quality components

As a manufacturer with many years of experience in the footwear market, we know how important it is for the shoes we offer to combine impeccable looks, comfort and excellent craftsmanship. That's why the women's trekking shoes we present are made using the highest quality natural leather (Crazy, Rustic, Barka and Campari, Samuel type nubuck), which not only allows the air to pass well, but above all adapts to the shape of the foot. Properly cared for, the shoes will provide your feet with proper protection for more than one active season. In addition, our women's trekking shoes will work both in spring and in cool autumn days, as we allow for the shoe to be insulated with natural leather, black and beige felt or mouton (a soft synthetic knit, fur-like with short, twisted hairs imitating sheep's curls).

Which women's trekking shoes to choose - low or ankle-high?

Wondering which women's trekking shoes to choose? No wonder! The assortment of our online store is quite diverse. You will find women's trekking shoes here that differ in material, color and height. If you're just starting your hiking adventure or you just appreciate comfort, choose low women's trekking shoes, such as model 054. Made of durable natural Barka type leather, available in several colors, significantly lighter than classic shoes dedicated to active time lovers, they will work perfectly both in spring and autumn. Your feet will not get tired in them and you will keep the right pace of march to the top. On the other hand, we recommend high-top trekking shoes (above the ankle) to people who put safety first. The shoes provide proper foot stabilization, protecting it from possible injuries, moisture and mud.

Women's trekking shoes - a multitude of color variants

During hiking, we focus primarily on comfort and safety, so when looking for shoes, we choose those that will provide it. However, if you want your women's trekking shoes to match almost every sporty outfit, you've come to the right place. At Nagaba, we offer shoes in a wide range of colors, so whether you're a fan of timeless classics or multi-colored outfits, you'll surely find women's trekking shoes that suit your needs. A perfect example of this is the moisture-wicking model 240 made of natural Crazy leather, ankle-high available in black, navy, purple, pink and even emerald colors. The short equivalent of model 240, women's trekking shoes - 241, which will work in different seasons, showing the right durability, is also very popular. Like its predecessor, you can match it with any outfit - both with the sporty leggings that have been fashionable in the last season and with tourist or trekking pants.

Trekking shoes for women and comfort not only during hiking

Due to their appearance, women's trekking shoes have so far been considered exclusively as one of the basic elements of equipment for hiking enthusiasts, guaranteeing stability while conquering the trails. What if we told you that women's trekking shoes can look equally great in casual outfits, fitting into the casual business and school dress code? Yes, it's possible! All you have to do is choose model 052 made of natural Campari type nubuck available in ten color variants. The shoes will work both in spring and in autumn, adding a touch of individualism to your outfits. The same goes for model 070 (Crazy type), which we offer in 18 colors. The shoes will look interesting with almost every everyday outfit, regardless of whether you're going to the city or a casual meeting with friends. Thanks to the flexible rubber sole, your foot will not get tired, only feeling the high comfort of wearing.

Check our popular categories of women's trekking shoes: tourist, low, high, natural leather, black, summer and winter.