Women's Sandals

As summer approaches and the heat becomes oppressive, our feet are prone to sweating and chafing. To protect them, it's worth wearing sandals. This type of footwear has been known to humans practically since the beginning of civilization. They were already worn in ancient Egypt. Today, they are also a popular choice. All because their design works perfectly, providing the foot with ventilation and maximum hygiene. Over the years, their style has changed.

Regardless of whether you're a follower of the latest fashion trends or a lover of immortal classics, you will certainly find footwear for yourself in our offer. We have models that will certainly highlight virtually any summer outfit. Especially since the choice of available footwear is very wide. Contemporary models are designed in such a way to look attractive and fit into the varied tastes of our customers.

Shoes - Women's Sandals and the Aesthetics of Craftsmanship

As a manufacturer with many years of experience in the footwear industry, we know very well how important the aesthetics of craftsmanship and the high quality of materials are. For this reason, the women's shoes we offer, including sandals, boots, flats, and solid, durable, comfortable trekking shoes, are made of the highest quality natural leather (suede, Samuel and Campari type nubuck, and Crazy, Sovage, Rustic type full grain leather), characterized by very high durability and resistance while maintaining proper care. What's more, taking into account the constantly changing trends in the world of fashion, we offer comfortable women's sandals in a really wide range of colors - from classic black, fashionable beige, to powder pink or reddish. No matter which women's shoes - sandals you decide on, we guarantee that summer holidays by the sea or work in the heat will become a pleasure, as our footwear not only provides high wearing comfort, but also looks great with the majority of summer outfits.

Women's Sandals - Flat, with Buckles or Velcro?

Every customer, regardless of their age, has different fashion preferences, so we've included in our range not only classic women's sandals, which will work perfectly during holiday trips, but also slightly more casual footwear, like model 102, which will look brilliant in the company of a delicate, airy dress. What's more, the flat women's sandals available at Nagaba differ from each other not only in the type of leather from which the individual models were made, or color, but also in functional elements, such as fastenings. We offer classic velcro women's sandals, which allow for quick fitting, as well as slip-on footwear additionally equipped with buckles, allowing for width adjustment. At the same time, they can be an interesting alternative to impractical flip-flops.

Also check out our offer of leather and black women's sandals!