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"Donkeys", "desert boots", "calves" these are the classic suede shoes named differently depending on the region of Poland. Irrespective the name, they are excellent shoes to complement any wardrobe as a fashionable element that works well in different styles.

Our assortment includes iconic velours suitable literally for everyone. Ideal for everyday use as well as for formal meetings, ensuring comfort throughout the day, owing to the suede leather they are made, which fully adapts to the foot shape.

Moreover, most of the velours are made in a flexiblow solution enhancing the wearing comfort. The classics go hand in hand with durability – the properly maintained footwear can last for many seasons and will certainly not go out of fashion.

Go for exceptional comfort and an iconic, classic look, and check out our range of durable, leather footwear for men, women and youth.

150 proudcts