Velvet Shoes

Is your closet missing footwear that will be universal, so it will work both for casual meetings, on the go, and as a complement to formal stylizations? Known depending on the region of Poland - donkeys, calves, rats - velvet shoes, are the perfect proposition for women, men and young people. The shoes not only make us look fashionable and stylish, but above all we feel comfortable. At Nagaba we offer velvet in a wide range of cuts, colors and sizes. Thanks to this, every customer will find shoes with us that will fit into his individual tastes regardless of whether he is a fan of elegance or casual style.

What sets suede shoes apart?

Regardless of their style, every pair of suede shoes is characterized by a classic and – moreover – elegant appearance. It's no surprise, then, that despite changing trends, they continue to enjoy great popularity among all customer groups. Their aesthetic and timeless look is largely due to the material from which they are made. Suede, also known as nubuck, can be recognized by the characteristic fuzz on the surface, which creates a delicate hair. It's thanks to this that suede shoes are also very comfortable and foot-friendly. The material adapts well to the anatomical shape of the foot, thereby minimizing the risk of unpleasant abrasions or corns. Moreover, suede is characterized by good air permeability, so even after many hours of wearing, you won't experience discomfort associated with foot sweating.

Nagaba suede shoes and aesthetics and attention to detail

As a manufacturer of high-quality shoes with many years of experience in the footwear industry, we know how crucial top-quality materials are in the shoe making process. That's why our company uses natural leathers from Polish and Italian tanneries. In addition to this, we often apply innovative solutions in our designs, which contribute to enhancing the comfort of wearing the shoes we offer. During the assembly of suede shoes, we often use the unique flexiblow system, which is based on joining the upper with the sole. The elements (the lower edge of the upper and the lining) are bent outward, then sewn to the insole using a double seam. In the next stage, the insole is glued to the sole, thus protecting the seams from contact with the ground. It's important to add that currently there are few companies that know how to use and apply this form of assembly - it requires experience, a specialized machine park and high employee skills. Suede shoes, in which we used the flexiblow system, are characterized by a solid construction, which provides an appropriate level of flexibility, comfort and hygiene. However, remember that in order to maintain the excellent appearance of suede shoes for a long time, it's worth reaching for appropriate care products. They will allow you to preserve the deep color and provide protection against the harmful effects of external factors. It's also worth investing in dedicated brushes, as suede loves to be brushed frequently. This procedure helps to keep the suede in good condition, and also frees the shoes from dried mud and dust.

Suede shoes in a wide range of styles and colors

Shoes matched to the rest of the outfit subtly emphasize it. With our clients' diverse tastes in mind, we have included in the Nagaba offer suede shoes, which differ in the color palette in which they were maintained, the height of the upper and construction. For everyday wear, shoes that fit into popular youth trends will look great with casual outfits. An ideal example are the suede shoes 127 available in many color versions with a contrasting sole made of lightweight and flexible thermorubber with anti-slip properties. You can confidently combine the shoes with jeans or sweatpants. They will also complement semi-formal outfits. However, if you prefer slightly more elegant shoes, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the classic suede shoes 082. Available in a really wide range of colors, with an ankle-high upper, they can be additionally insulated by us using a cotton knit with a characteristic pattern, which absorbs moisture well. Similarly to the suede trappers 089 with a high upper, which have been equipped with an additional zipper, making it easier to put on and take off the shoes.

Universal suede shoes for city styles

Regardless of current trends, it's worth having in your wardrobe a universal pair of shoes that will prove their worth during city walks, performing basic duties or going out with friends. We offer, among others, suede shoes, which due to their construction strongly resemble currently popular sneakers. If you value simplicity and timelessness, we recommend the suede shoes 015 on a light sole available in 19 color versions – including classic black and light green. Similar to the 010 and 313 loafers with a modern design, which will look fantastic with practically any outfit. No less modern in appearance and high level of comfort are the 365 suede shoes, which you can boldly wear as an alternative to ballet flats. The shoes will look great, for example, combined with light, summer dresses. For men, however, who are reluctant to give up casual elements of clothing, we recommend the 424 suede shoes on a gray sole. Designed to increase wearing comfort, they will perfectly match both everyday and semi-formal styles.

Suede Shoes That Advocates of Elegance Will Appreciate

Elegant styles are associated with aesthetics, attention to even the smallest details, and flawlessness. Therefore, to ensure that the greatest assets of formal attire are properly highlighted, we offer perfectly matched suede shoes, which due to their construction will help you present yourself appropriately during an important business meeting or family celebration. Model 007 loafers, available in three color versions, are an excellent substitute for traditional suit shoes. Just like the suede 077, which will provide you with maximum comfort even during an intense day. Offered in subdued shades of brown, beige, as well as red or jeans color, they will help you stand out from the crowd while maintaining individuality. Similarly, the model 423, which combines a classic cut with modernity, can be combined with semi-formal and formal clothes. For fans of traditional wardrobe elements, we propose the suede shoes 085, reminiscent of fashionable, autumn ankle boots. Available in several color variants, they have been assembled on the basis of the flexi-blown system, thereby ensuring a stable and durable structure.

Check out our men's suede and women's suede shoes!

Suede as an Ideal Complement to Breezy and Sunny Styles

When the first rays of the sun appear in the sky, we take shoes from the closet, which can be put on airy dresses and skirts. And which ones? Of course… suede! It has been known for a long time that spring loves suede. Spring is the best time to choose suede shoes and match them to lighter, spring styles. You can also find such shoes with us. One of the proposals for suede footwear for spring days is models for her and for him - 076 and 079. Their universal color scheme means that they will successfully become part of many styles, perfectly matching spring, lighter coats, as well as thin jackets. The advantage of suede shoes is the fact that they are extremely comfortable - they will accompany you during a walk, as well as going out into the city on any sunny day!

We also offer suede ballerinas characterized by lightness, which will work perfectly in the spring and summer period. Available in many original colors, adapted to the shape of the foot on a light sole, they will provide you with wearing comfort even on hot days. Just like our suede sandals, which are perfect for summer weather. Characterized by an interesting design, light, on a specially profiled sole additionally protecting the heel, they are not only very comfortable, but also contribute to minimizing the risk of developing corns.

However, when there are less and less sun rays, we take models dedicated to the next season, i.e. autumn, out of the closet. From the Nagaba offer, it is worth paying attention to the model for her and for him - 187 and 188. Model 187 catches the eye with interesting colors and precise finishing. It goes perfectly with warmer skirts, but also jeans and a khaki coat. Model 188, on the other hand, is a noble complement to a men's wardrobe. Characteristic loops for laces add character to the mentioned footwear.