Trapper shoes 

Are you looking for shoes that, despite difficult weather conditions, will look interesting on your feet, making the entire outfit gain a unique character? In that case, you've come to the right place. Our online store Nagaba offers a variety of shoe styles for women, men, and teenagers. In addition to light loafers, sandals, or flip-flops, we also include trekkers, which are perfect for the autumn-winter season. Available in many colors and a wide range of sizes, the well-thought-out upper design will provide you with maximum comfort.

What are Trapper shoes and how to wear them?

What are Trapper shoes and how to wear them? It's undeniable that during the autumn-winter period, we most often reach for high-shafted boots with appropriate insulation, which provide warmth during cold days. However, fashion changes, and new footwear options emerge in the market that allow for a unique complement to casual and sometimes semi-formal outfits. Among them, you can find Trapper shoes, which are versatile. This footwear excels during both the autumn and winter periods, especially when there's pervasive slush outside. Moreover, due to their design and aesthetic finish, they can confidently be worn alongside your favorite coat, timeless pair of jeans, sweater, and even sporty jacket designed for long walks in demanding conditions.

Trapper shoes made of the highest quality components

To create footwear that combines high quality, aesthetics, and style, a well-thought-out design is not enough. Key during the making of various styles available in our online store is the quality of materials used in the process. Our company has several decades of experience in creating footwear that provides maximum comfort. However, this would not be possible without fruitful cooperation with Polish and foreign companies that supply us with excellent quality components. Most of the shoes we offer, including the Trapper shoes, are made of natural leather (smooth, nubuck, or suede). It is thanks to its fantastic parameters that we can make the footwear not only look great on the feet but, above all, be associated with high wearing comfort. Natural leather molds to the shape of the foot and is breathable, thereby minimizing the occurrence of potential abrasions. However, it is worth noting that all shoes, just like natural leather Trapper shoes, should be subjected to regular care to maintain their excellent appearance for a long time - you can use the footwear care accessories available in our store for this.

Fashionable Trapper shoes combining the latest trends

Footwear should primarily serve a practical function, ensuring an appropriate level of warmth and comfort and protecting against external factors. However, these days, shoes also allow you to express yourself and your personal approach to fashion and current trends. While creating new fashionable autumn shoe styles, such as Trapper shoes, we not only incorporated components that enhance wearing comfort but also ensured they would look great on the feet in subsequent seasons without disrupting your outfits. Just look at the Trapper 112 shoes, made from natural leather offered in many colors – both classic black and the unique green, which should appeal to urban style enthusiasts. Maintained in a uniform color scheme, on a light or dark sole, they will perfectly complement most semi-formal outfits. Just like the fashionable Trapper 089 shoes, made from natural smooth leather available in muted shades, which can also serve as a worthy replacement for dress shoes in the autumn-winter period.

Trapper shoes in various colors with a sole made of Polish rubber

Autumn-winter footwear doesn't necessarily have to match the gloomy weather. We're talking about its visual aspect, of course. What does that mean? Often, thinking about the autumn-winter period, we buy footwear in muted colors — black, grays, or brown. It's high time to break old habits and add more colors to your autumn wardrobe. If you share this idea, it's perfect because the Trapper shoes we've included in our offer stand out not only in aesthetics and high-quality craftsmanship. Above all, each particular style delights with its deep colors. The Trapper 112 shoes made of smooth natural leather are available, among others, in yellow, red, green, and navy. Additionally, the shoes are equipped with a Trapper sole made of Polish rubber, which means they will perform their function perfectly, not only in the city but also during walks in the forest, for example. The Trapper 095 shoes, on the other hand, come in intense shades of red, burgundy, green, and gray.

Fashionable shoes, namely Trapper shoes for the city and hiking

We usually buy fashionable Trapper shoes with urban lifestyle in mind. We focus on details that will provide us with maximum comfort during our daily routine and spending time outdoors, for example, long walks in the park or by the lake. However, Trapper shoes can also work well in more demanding conditions, precisely during hikes on varied trails in terms of difficulty. A perfect example of this is the aforementioned fashionable Trapper 112 shoes, which, considering outdoor conditions, were equipped by us with a Trapper sole made of Polish rubber, ensuring a proper level of comfort and safety during the hike. However, for those for whom physical activity in demanding conditions is entirely foreign, we offer the Trapper 097 shoes made of smooth natural leather, known for its durability. The footwear will also be perfect for those days when temperatures drop significantly, as it can be additionally insulated with black felt (a material made of synthetic fibers with high vapor permeability, air, and moisture absorption), lamb's wool (soft synthetic fabric with short, twisted fibers imitating sheep curls, giving a lot of warmth in winter), or the previously mentioned check pattern.

Why Trapper shoes from Nagaba should permanently reside in your wardrobe?

Nagaba is a family company with many years of experience in the footwear market. Each footwear model you will find in our store's assortment is produced in Poland using top-quality components and materials. Additionally, in line with the times, we create footwear that meets not only functional aspects, ensuring comfort and warmth for your feet, but also aesthetic ones. All fashionable shoes, including the featured Trapper shoes, have an intriguing design. Continuing the family tradition, we make shoes with passion and a desire for continuous self-improvement, which is why we offer our customers footwear that, with proper care, will serve for many years, even if purchased for a demanding winter season. After all, we allow for individual customization of the type of insulation.