In the footwear market, you can find many different models of shoes, differing in upper construction or type of sole. Among them, you can find both shoes perfect for casual meetings with friends, fitting into an elegant dress code, and styles that were created with physical activity enthusiasts in mind. In Nagaba, they could not be missing, so you will easily find shoes with us that will meet your current needs, while providing a stylish appearance.

What materials are Nagaba's half shoes made of?

Buying high-quality shoes is an investment for years. At Nagaba, we are fully aware of this, hence we only use the best quality components from Polish and foreign manufacturers who pay just as much attention to the materials sold. Wanting our footwear to provide users with only the best, that is, increased wearing comfort, we prefer to use leather of natural origin (suede, Barka type leather, Crazy, Rustic, Faeda, Samuel type nubuck, Campari). This material is characterized by fitting the anatomical shape of the foot and good air permeability, which means that even after many hours of use there is no risk of unpleasant chafing or blisters. In order to maintain the perfect appearance of leather half shoes, remember to regularly and systematically care for them with appropriate products, which you will also find in our online store.

In which half shoes will you look stylish and fashionable?

Regardless of the circumstances, do you want to look stylish and fashionable? We can confidently say that suede half shoes can turn out to be a real hit. Both men's and women's half shoes made of suede are characterized by universality and timelessness at the same time. All thanks to the material itself, which combines classic with elegance and is characterized by short, delicate hair. However, that's not all - in suede half shoes you can experiment with fashion, as they will look great with most of the outfits you create. Depending on the style, the shoes will highlight airy and light dresses, add a note of individualism to casual styles, or help you break an elegant look, making it gain a slightly modern character.

What half shoes will you find in the assortment of our online store?

Our online store offers a wide selection of half shoes, which are characterized by a fashionable appearance, solid construction, and durability and longevity. We offer half shoe models in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles. The assortment includes footwear that will suit the tastes of fans of physical activity, who value above all comfort and safety. We have also prepared half shoe models that delight with a perfectly balanced combination of current trends with timeless details, and therefore, they resemble sneakers that are very popular among young people. They can easily be worn with casual and semi-formal styles. When designing the next half shoe models, we could not forget about fans of impeccable elegance. With them in mind, we offer footwear that, due to its simplicity, catches the eye, while subtly complementing strictly elegant attire.

Importantly, in many half shoe models we use EVA sole materials, which are characterized by an extremely low weight. Thanks to this, Nagaba half shoes are extremely light and perform well during everyday use, even for many hours. The leg, and especially the foot, is not as tired as in heavier shoes that do not contain a sole made of EVA materials. It should also be added that EVA material is waterproof.

Footwear made of foam also protects the foot very well from adverse weather conditions. What is its role? The foam insulates the foot from the low external temperature, creating a kind of barrier - it can be stated that it works similarly to styrofoam. Our half shoes are also very flexible (even at lower temperatures) and adapt to the user's gait and have excellent cushioning. In this category of footwear, special attention should be paid to models 015 (made using rustic leather), 033 (natural leather of the Samuel type), or 438 (an extremely durable model with the mentioned, light sole).

Shoes and comfort during hiking

In properly fitted shoes, every subsequent hike will be associated with a high level of comfort and a sense of security. At Nagaba, we offer hiking shoes that excel during conquering mountain trails. One of our bestsellers is model 055, available in many color versions, made of durable natural leather (also inside). By introducing innovative improvements, we have ensured that the presented shoes provide better stability for the feet, thereby ensuring safety. Additionally, the sole is resistant to wear, so it maintains its aesthetic appearance for longer. Shoes 241, which you can find in dozens of color versions, will also be great during trips. Made from Crazy type natural grain leather, they are comfortable, durable, and furthermore - they allow the foot to breathe freely. However, if you are looking for shoes that fit into the casual style, model 121 may interest you. Also available in a wide range of colors thanks to a thoughtful project, it will work great both in the fall and in the early spring in various weather conditions.


Stand out from the crowd in Nagaba shoes

Are you looking for a way to stand out from the crowd? At Nagaba, we are happy to design and sew shoes that our customers can use to emphasize their individual approach to fashion. Therefore, you will find classic shoes as well as those that will allow you to emphasize your colorful personality in our assortment. For fans of today's popular sneakers, we recommend model 015, available in several color versions. Made of Rustic type natural grain leather, characterized by extraordinary lightness, it will look great with urban stylizations, in which jeans, chinos, and even a Scottish check skirt play a leading role. For school, work or a casual meeting with friends, model 069 of shoes, distinguished by an original print and a modern cut, will look just as fantastic. Just like model 104, which you can find in several colors, including trendy brown on a contrasting sole. These shoes can accompany you for most of the year, providing comfort and a fashionable look.

Shoes that will emphasize elegant outfits

Is there no strictly defined dress code at work? Are you looking for shoes that will help you break the elegant dress? In that case, it is perfect, because at Nagaba we also offer shoe models that will work great as a stylish and comfortable alternative to traditional suit shoes. The suede model 001 and model 007 have a universal cut, and therefore, you can boldly combine them with a suit, but also your favorite pair of jeans and a classic T-shirt. What else can we say about shoes 279 made of Campari type nubuck available in a considerable number of original colors, which due to their appearance will be a modern decoration of every your stylization. For fans of slightly bulkier shoes, we recommend model 415 made of Crazy type natural grain leather, characterized by contrasting stitching. You can confidently wear these shoes both to a formal ceremony and an informal meeting.

Vegan shoes at your fingertips

Our company is happy to face new challenges, the result of which are subsequent unique shoe models. Among them, you can find, for example, shoes from the Vegan line, which, unlike other shoes from our offer, have been made exclusively from vegan materials (Vegan type nubuck, Vegan type grain, Vegan type grain). Created for customers who are happy to give up animal products, they have been designed in such a way as to provide the same high comfort of wearing and stylish appearance as traditional shoe models. If you are interested in vegan materials footwear, such models as 015, 316, 382, 438 with the interior covered with 100% green microfiber marked with the German OEKO-TEX certificate should interest you. Regardless of which of the available shoe models you choose, they will make your styling delight with its originality not one person.