Are you preparing for the holiday season? Do you value comfortable and airy outfits that will give you maximum freedom and comfort? Is your summer wardrobe missing shoes that would work both in the city and on vacation? Our online store offers a variety of shoe styles. Among them you will find massive boots, boots, shoes, as well as light and fashionable sandals. Created with the needs of women, men and young people in mind, they are available in several unique color options with interesting visual effects.

Why should you opt for Nagaba sandals?

Nagaba is a family company with extensive experience in the footwear industry. For many years, we have been providing our customers with high-quality footwear, crafted with attention to even the smallest details. The unique look of the various shoe styles we offer is not only due to thoughtful designs, but also to top-quality components. The materials used during sewing are sourced from Polish and foreign manufacturers. We most often opt for natural leather, which gives each pair of shoes, including sandals, a unique look, aesthetics, and comfort of wearing. All thanks to the great properties of natural leather, i.e. breathability, flexibility, and durability.

Meanwhile, thinking of customers who readily give up animal products and materials, we have prepared flat sandals from the Vegan line, such as models 102, 264, and 265, made of vegan materials, which are distinguished by parameters as good as traditional footwear.

Flat sandals – shoes for more than one season

Flat sandals are shoes that can be found in everyone's wardrobe. Regardless of fashion preferences, sandals are considered universal footwear, which looks great with most spring and summer outfits. You can safely wear them during casual outings with close friends, going to a job that does not require formal styling, as well as during a trip to the lake or the sea. Most importantly, however, sandals allow you to maintain maximum hygiene on hot days, while ensuring an increased level of comfort. Moreover, by opting for flat sandals made of natural leather, you minimize the risk of unpleasant chafing and overheating of the feet. With their help, you will provide your feet with safety during summer activities, while enjoying a beautiful appearance. All you need to do is take care of their regular maintenance, using appropriate impregnation products, which you will also find in the assortment of our store. Thanks to them, the trendy Nagaba sandals you choose will serve you for more than one season.

Diversity of styles, colors, and sizes, or which sandals to choose?

Most sandal models on the market have similar styling. At Nagaba, however, we gladly face challenges, especially those that will allow us to meet the expectations of our customers. Therefore, in our range, you will find trendy sandals that differ in style and color. For people looking for shoes that will provide them comfort during walking trips in the holiday period, we recommend flat sandals 168, made of natural grain or suede leather on a carefully profiled sole, which reduces the risk of corns, while protecting the heel. These sandals are available in a wide range of colors. Similarly to the leather model 264, which will work great both at the seaside and at work, school, university, or during a casual meeting with friends. Of an equally simple, yet impressive look, we offer a model of trendy sandals 265 from the Vegan line. While for those who appreciate elegance, we propose model 102, which impresses with its lightness and depth of colors, as well as the velcro-fastened model 351, which fits perfectly into current trends and will therefore look interesting in the company of long flowing skirts and dresses. Almost all Nagaba sandals use velcro fasteners - usually it's from one to three velcro straps, which allow for a perfect fit of the footwear to the foot.

Flat sandals in a sporty style

We eagerly await the summer period and there's nothing strange about that. It's during this time that we have the opportunity to spend most of the day outdoors, basking in the fresh air and sun's rays. Sunny weather makes us feel best in airy clothes and open shoes. If you can't imagine summer without physical activity, including long walks, flat sandals in a sporty style should catch your eye. Among them, you will find, among others, the aforementioned model 168, available in a wide range of colors, both classic black, fashionable beige, and intense pink or red. Made of high-quality natural grain or suede leather, on a specially profiled sole, they will look fantastic with sporty shorts, and even casual dresses. Just like flat sandals 264 and 264 from the Vegan line, which due to their cut are an example of universality.

Trendy sandals as a complement to airy outfits

Sandals should provide comfort and at the same time go with most of your spring-summer outfits. For this reason, our company, catering to lovers of elegance and flawless appearance, offers trendy sandals with unique cuts. The first of our proposals is model 306, made of natural grain leather available in many different color versions on a flexible sole equipped with perforations, increasing the comfort of wearing. Sandals 309, which combine light and dark color components made of natural leather (Rustic type leather), also look interesting and allow for hygiene due to their leather lining and sole. They can be worn with both casual and formal outfits. An interesting shoe option that fits perfectly into the urban style is model 359, combining classic with modernity, equipped with cross perforations on the bottom of the sole.

Sandals responding to current trends

Over the past few seasons, we have observed a great interest in sandals that, due to their cut, correspond to flip-flops. Unable to pass indifferently by this trend, we have included in our range flat sandals that will work perfectly as a stylish alternative to traditional rubber flip-flops. A great example of this are sandals 106, made of natural grain leather on a flexible sole with cross perforations. Like flat sandals 304, they are available in three color variants. In addition, we also offer footwear with an additional fastener located above the heel. This is mainly about the healthy model 109 with a specially profiled footbed, providing high comfort of wearing, which is especially recommended for people with sensitive feet, or model 305, which besides the additional fastener is characterized by equally great parameters as the aforementioned sandals 304.