Year by year, they strengthen their position in fashion trends. You can confidently wear them with your favorite pair of worn-out jeans, or even a breezy dress. They are solid, chunky, and at the same time comfortable, which gives the styling a strong character. 'Glany', as we talk about, are shoes that you can't pass by indifferently. In our assortment, you will find models with high and low upper, in a wide range of sizes, colors, adorned with decorative buckles, equipped with a zipper for easy putting on, and steel toes effectively protecting the toes.

What are boots and how to wear them?

What are boots? Simply put, they are a type of footwear that has as many supporters as opponents. Particularly popular in the 90s, they are most often associated with representatives of punk and metal subcultures. However, due to changing trends, they can also be found in the wardrobes of lovers of casual styles with a bit of edge, who do not belong to any subculture. As it turns out, chunky boots can be worn in a multitude of ways. They pair perfectly with classic elements of an outfit, such as a T-shirt and jeans, as well as more airy items like flowy dresses with floral or animal prints. Moreover, good boots, regardless of color and type of finish, can be worn all year round, especially since almost all ankle boots can be lined with black felt. At the same time, it is important to remember to take proper care of them using dedicated products, especially if they are made of high-quality natural leather.

Real boots made of high-quality materials

Real boots are those that combine solidity, bulkiness and, at the same time, attention to even the smallest details. As a manufacturer that has been providing customers with a variety of shoe styles for several decades, we know how important the material is in their design and sewing process. At Nagaba, we only use the highest quality components from reputable Polish and foreign companies. Most of them are made of natural cowhide leather from local tanneries, which is known for its ability to adapt to the shape of the foot, high breathability, and moisture absorption. As a result, all boots in our offer provide maximum comfort even when worn for many hours. You don't have to worry about unpleasant abrasions or impeccable looks. With proper care using appropriate products, which you can also find in our assortment, real boots will serve you for many years.

Currently, several variants of natural leather are used to produce boots. Bosman and kabir are cowhide leather of increased thickness (about 1.8 to 2 mm). It is durable, has a "hard grip" - in comparison to natural leathers, it is hard and stiff, and its surface is matte and shiny. Kabir, on the other hand, has another additional advantage, which is susceptibility to abrasion, as a result of which colors appear, giving additional character to the footwear. Crazy leather is a properly tanned outer layer of leather with a smooth structure (thickness from 1.6 to 1.8 mm). Natural crazy leather is full-grain, ground, quite stiff. Leather lining is done to enhance the aesthetic values of a given surface. It is covered with fat to obtain the effect of "antiquing" leather during the production process and impregnation (it gives the effect of aging). It is available in many interesting, eye-catching colors. It should be emphasized that lined leathers are more resistant to moisture and dirt.

Boots and the height of the upper - which one to choose?

As many customers as there are, there are as many preferences regarding color or height of the upper. Wanting to provide Nagaba customers with countless possibilities, we offer boots with a high upper, that is, up to the knee, ankle-high, as well as low. Knee-high boots, such as model 20H, or mid-calf, e.g. 14H, will meet the expectations of people who like to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, in our offer we have good boots with a high upper enriched with decorative buckles, which add a strong accent to the whole, especially if at first glance they resemble flames. However, if you are interested in more universal styles, boots 6H, 8H and 10H may be just the ticket. You can confidently include them in everyday, urban styles. Just like the 3H boots, which will look interesting not only in combination with jeans, but also suit pants. All the boots styles we present can be found in a wide range of colors: black, white, green, emerald, red and many other colors.

Boots - Footwear with Extra Reinforcements

In the footwear market, you can find a great variety of boots that differ not only in color, height of the upper, but most importantly in quality. As a manufacturer with many years of experience, we know that buying good footwear, especially true boots, is an investment for years to come. Shoes should withstand high exploitation, even if it involves attending concerts. Wanting to provide our clients with only the best, we have ensured that the boots we present stand out in their attention to even small and seemingly insignificant details, which in reality increase the functionality of the footwear. That's why the boots that you'll find in Nagaba's range are equipped with additional reinforcements in the form of steel toes. They are considered a kind of hallmark of this type of footwear. Moreover, our boots have a sole made of genuine Polish rubber, characterized by its weight and increased resistance to abrasion, with decorative screws and a metal brand logo.

How to stand out from the crowd? Choose boots with decorative buckles

Boots are shoes that in themselves make the outfit stand out and can create a WOW effect. However, if you like to stand out from the crowd, and extravagant styles are your daily bread, you are in luck. At Nagaba, we love to design unique footwear that still fits into timeless fashion trends. A perfect example of this are the 523 boots which, despite their simplicity, due to the presence of three traditional buckles, are much more effective. Similarly, the 505 boots, fastened with five buckles, also have a zip located on the inner side, making both putting on and taking off easier. However, when it comes to bolder propositions, we must present such models of boots as 518, 519, 5191, which despite lacing are additionally fastened with skull-shaped buckles, adorned with studs on straps, and also have the aforementioned zip. Similarly, the 501 and 508 boots, which unlike their predecessors have been enriched with decorative fasteners at the back of the upper.

Traditional shoes vs. boots made with vegan materials in mind

If you're going to wear boots, they should be trendy. We know a thing or two about that. Thinking about changing beliefs and a growing number of customers who are happy to give up animal-derived materials, we have included good low-cut, ankle-length and mid-calf boots in our original Vegan line. Available in many interesting colors, made from excellent vegan material, they are incredibly lightweight, breathable and resistant to a variety of external factors, including chemicals. In our range, we have both vegan material boot models, which are visually no different from traditional counterparts, and boots with a sole made from recycling, such as model 3M and 8M. This is our original idea aimed at minimizing the problem of plastic waste.

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Ways to tie boots
Boots are very characteristic footwear, being an integral part of punk subculture fans. The more destroyed the boots, the more proudly they are worn, and the way they are tied adds to their uniqueness. There are various ways to tie boots, which differ in difficulty and style.

Simple knot - one of the most popular ways to tie boots. The knot is quick and easy to make.

Flat knot - this is a more advanced version of the above method of tying boots, which requires a bit more time and skill. Pull one shoelace through the hole in the shoes and lead it upwards, so that it is at ankle level. Pull the second shoelace through the same hole in the shoes and lead it down so that it touches the bottom of the shoe. Pull the first shoelace through the second one and tighten it in the middle. Pull the second shoelace through the first one and tighten it in the middle. Repeat steps 3 and 4 several times until the laces are tightly clamped on the foot. Pull both laces down and tighten them at the end of the shoe. Done!

Ladder lacing - provides stability and comfort to your feet, which will definitely come in handy during a rock concert. This tying method involves pulling one part of the lace through perpendicular holes, while the other part is threaded through the remaining, free holes. For this method, it is recommended to choose long laces.

Remember, the choice of how to tie boots depends on your individual needs and preferences. It is important to choose a tie that will provide us with comfort and stabilize the feet. In this way, we ensure safety and a fashionable look.