Ankle boots

During the cold, autumn-winter days, footwear that provides both comfort and an adequate level of warmth for the feet is best. One of our suggestions is boots with an upper above the ankle, which, thanks to the use of effective types of interior insulation, allow for free movement with care for maximum comfort. Here you will find various styles of shoes. We offer boots dedicated to lovers of physical activity as well as to fans of stylish, elegant footwear positions. Thanks to a wide range of sizes and colours, every customer will find shoes with us that will perfectly fit into his taste and daily stylizations.

Ankle boots made with a focus on high quality

The appearance and durability of the footwear is primarily influenced by the material from which it is made. As a manufacturer of various styles of shoes for several decades, we use only the highest quality components, sourced from trusted Polish and foreign companies. The leading material, to which we owe the aesthetic appearance and comfort of wearing, is natural leather (Barka, Crazy, Rustic, Savage, Faeda type, Campari, Samuel nubuck, and suede). It provides excellent air permeability, moisture absorption, and - furthermore - adapts to the shape of the foot.

Given that we always happily meet our customers' expectations and implement the latest trends in our projects, we also offer ankle boots from the Vegan line. These shoes are made of vegan materials (Vegan nubuck, Vegan grain), which have equally excellent parameters as traditional designs. However, regardless of which ankle boots from our offer you choose, to maintain their appearance and at the same time take care of their durability, remember about proper care, using appropriate preparations for this. You will also find impregnants and pastes in the Nagaba assortment.

Ankle boots with a warm interior

If you have not yet found ankle boots that meet all your expectations in terms of aesthetics, attention to detail, comfort, and warmth, we can confidently say that you are in the right place. Bearing in mind that ankle boots most often adorn our feet in the unpredictable and usually cold autumn-winter period, we allow you to adjust the type of insulation to individual needs. Depending on the style of the shoes you choose, they can additionally be insulated with:

  • beige or black felt, i.e., a synthetic fiber characterized by high permeability of water vapor and air, as well as moisture absorption,
  • checkered fabric, or rather a cotton knit with a characteristic pattern with white stripes and red lines, distinguished by softness and excellent moisture absorption,
  • white or dark sheepskin, which is a soft synthetic fabric with short, twisted fibers imitating sheep curls, providing a lot of warmth, ideal for capricious winter weather.

Vegan line ankle boots, on the other hand, have a lining made of 100% green microfiber, characterized by excellent properties. It ensures maximum comfort and dryness of the foot inside the shoe.

Ankle boots for maximum comfort during hiking

In the Nagaba assortment, we have included both ankle boots for fans of traditional solutions and those who cannot imagine everyday life without physical activity, especially long hikes and conquering new trails. You will find ankle boots that will provide you with comfort, warmth, and safety during long walks in mountainous areas. We mainly offer shoes with an upper above the ankle, as they reduce the risk of potential injuries.

Among them, you will find such models as 240, 281, 401, 402, 456 made of high-quality natural leather of the Crazy or Rustic type. They delight not only with perfectly crafted details but also with a variety of colors. You will find classic black ankle boots, but also in slightly more extravagant shades, e.g., emerald, violet, or pink. Even when on a trail, you don't have to give up styles that will highlight your colorful personality.

Ankle Boots for Fans of Elegant and Casual Styles

Finding autumn-winter footwear that won’t disrupt your style, but rather complement it in the right way, is no small feat. This is especially true now, as the footwear market is flooded with ever new styles of casual, elegant, and sporty shoes. Our range is diverse, so every customer, whether they prefer urban or formal style, will find ankle boots that will permanently settle in their wardrobe. If you are looking for shoes that will fit into a university, school, or less strict company dress code, then the 061 ankle boots made of Samuel-type nubuck leather should catch your eye. They stand out with a high upper, further enriched with Cordura fabric, and are available in several color versions. They will look interesting with jeans, but also with sporty dresses. Due to the possibility of adjusting the insulation, they will be suitable for autumn and during demanding, winter days. For elegance enthusiasts, we propose the 085 and 086 ankle boots, also made of natural nubuck leather, which were assembled using the flexblow method. Their upper has been turned out and then sewn to the sole, ensuring the durability and stability of the footwear.

Which Shoes to Choose? Ankle Boots with a High Upper or Above the Ankle?

The height of the upper you choose largely depends on your individual preferences. It is worth considering that ankle boots with an upper stiffen the leg at the ankle and immobilize the foot inside the shoe. This increases safety and precision with every step. As a result, you move more confidently on any surface. Importantly, after proper prior impregnation of the footwear, the penetration of raindrops into the interior of the shoe is significantly hindered - it is therefore worth repeating the impregnation from time to time to maintain the highest comfort when walking in our ankle boots. Nevertheless, ankle boots with an upper above the ankle, such as 062, 079, 082, 329, will work great during the first days of autumn in the city, when the weather encourages wearing lighter wardrobe items.

Ankle Boots - How to Wear Them?

Wondering how to wear ankle boots so that your style fits into current trends? If you choose a laced style, it will highlight the entire outfit, whether you put on a perfectly tailored pair of pants or a dress. In addition, ankle boots are quite universal, so opting for a casual style made of natural suede leather, you can boldly pair it not only with suit pants but also with timeless jeans. However, it is important to remember that it is best for the shoes, especially ankle boots, to be color-coordinated with individual elements of the wardrobe. For example, a styling maintained in blue will look interesting with brown or beige ankle boots.