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Men prophylactic shoes

Among the advantages of the footwear offered here, there is the guarantee of comfort as well as the pro-healthy influence on feet, documented by certificates from the CELAPO (Central Laboratory of the Footwear Industry).

Prophylactic footwear is suitable for men struggling with sensitive, injured skin or prone to lesions. We offer a wide range of shapes and colours. All models are designed to be durable and have been manufactured with the utmost care. For their production high quality materials are used, such as natural leather and fusbet being mainly responsible for the comfort of the feet.

The recommended prophylactic men's footwear will be a good choice for seniors looking for comfort. The comfortable flip-flops are offered in many sizes, including very large.

Please check the recommended footwear. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us - we will answer all your questions and provide professional advice if necessary.

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